Writing an essay is similar to detailing your life story containing a significant event in a person’s life. This is similar to an individual who shares an interesting part of their life that changes their routine. For many, an essay is one way of expressing thoughts and ideas about an important issue that increases their productivity.  A person’s creativity lies in the content of the essay that they write. The contents of the essay contain a narrative presentation, the description of an issue, and to create an argument.

Free Essay Sample

A free essay sample is a document that contains a basic essay structure. This is an essay that contains three main parts such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. Still don’t know where to find it? There are many pre written essays at The introduction is the first part of the essay where the author intends to explain the plan to write the structure of the content. There is a main statement that presents the whole description of the essay structure. The writer details the most important features of the essay paper before explaining the headings and relevance to the whole document.

The body is where the main discussion presents the relevance to the main subject. The author explains the reason why there is a problem or an issue that affects the existence of the subject matter. The discussion presents the cause and the effects of the main subject to the reader. There are examples and explanations on how the phenomenon or a fact exists. The last part is the conclusion. This is the part that the author attempts to summarize the main features of the whole essay structure. It highlights the main answer to the hypothetical question of the whole essay structure.

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Sample Essay

A sample essay is similar to a free essay sample wherein there is a complete presentation of introduction, body, and a conclusion. The main difference in this essay structure is the presence of another structure that can further increase the argument of the paper. There are some essay samples that are not freely available to the public. This is simply because the essay requires students or the readers to sign up for a free account. As a result, new subscribers receive a regular flow of new essay articles that are relevant to feed their mindsets and interests.

One main concern for sample essays is the corresponding fees. Some essays require the readers to pay a certain amount before they can fully access the whole essay sample. There are several essays that present an incomplete topic, which is an essential strategy for the marketing campaigners to increase the number of paying readers. This is why the student skips essays that require payments before they can access the website or the company providing an essay sample.


There are two main differences why a free essay sample and an essay sample are different from each other. The basic essay for free only contains basic information that explains a certain structure of a fact, an issue, or a phenomenon. Students patronize free essay sample because it contains at least an important detail to fulfill their assignment’s requirements. However, a sample essay is a tricky document available online. This is because companies require readers or website visitors to on paying an adequate amount before accessing the whole document in their company’s essay portal for just a certain period such as one month.